Fallece Dedé Mirabal de problemas respiratorios -

Dedé Mirabal ha fallecido. QEPD

Dedé Mirabal ha fallecido. QEPD


Duarte Square (Avenue of the Americas/Sixth Ave)- This bronze statue depicts Juan Pablo Duarte (1813–1876), the liberator of the Dominican Republic. Italian artist Nicola Arrighini sculpted the larger-than-life-sized statue of a stately, bearded Duarte in 19th century garb resting on his cane and holding a scroll. Donated by the Dominican Republic, the piece was dedicated in the square on the 165th anniversary of Duarte’s birth, on January 26, 1978 and is one of a pantheon of six monuments to Latin American leaders that overlook the Avenue of the Americas. Every year, on Duarte’s birthday, Dominicans gather by the statue to celebrate his life. Que viva la Patria!

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